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    Glitter fabrics are hard to scan please ask about a color so we can describe it
Glt 60 Silver         Hologram Glt 61 Sky     Hologram Glt 62 Pink    Hologram Glt 64 Lime    Hologram    Glt 65 Blue      Dizzy  
Glt 66 Silver     Hologram    Glt 67 Green    Hologram  Glt 68 Lime     Glt 70 Pink      Dazzle Glt 71 Purple      Swirls
Glt 72 Red with    Blue& Gold Spots Glt 73 Dark       Blue Bricks    Glt 74 Silver     Bricks Glt 75 Red with Blue and Yellow   Glt 76 Ocean  Blue   
Glt 79 Red Red  Glt 80 Fuchsia      Glt 81 Fuchsia  Hologram    Glt 82 Turquoise Green Hologram Glt 83 Dark      Purple
Glt 84 Teal     Shattered Glass  Glt 85 Blue Ink  Glt 86 Grape  Glt 87 Orange    Fuchsia        Glt 88   Purple  Royal
Glt 89 Fuchsia   Shattered Glass Glt 90 Black    Green Glt 91 Black    Rain Glt 92 Orange   Rain Glt 93 Purple   Rain
Glt 94 Emerald Blue/Green Glt 95 Black    Fuchsia Glt 96 Black     Teal Glt 97 Black    Red Glt 98 Black    Hologram
Glt 99 Fuchsia  Purple Glt 100 Dark   Teal Glt 101 Brown Gold Glt 102 Turquoise Blue  Cracked Ice     


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