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Glitters Page 1          Glitters Page 2                                        

 Glitter fabrics are hard to scan please ask about a color so we can describe it

Glt 01 Purple       with Silver dots Glt 02 Black    with Silver Swirls Glt  03 Coral    Hologram Glt 04 White  Sunburst     Glt  07 Gold  Hologram
Glt 08 Gold    Glt 12 Green  Glt 13 Silver     Glt 15 Silver  Rainbow Glt 16 Gold       Reptile
Glt 18 White    with Gold Dots Glt 20 Silver   Glt 21 White    with Silver Dots Glt 22 Black    with Silver Dots   Glt 24 Pink   
Glt 28 Black    Fuchsia Glitters Glt 29 Pink       Blue Glitters Glt 30 Black  Copper Glitters    Glt 33 Black  Silver      Glt 34 Silver     
Glt 37 Black      Silver  Glt 38 Lite       Green Glt 40 Cerise  Glt 41 Berry   Glt 42 Magenta 
Glt 44 Red  Glt 45 Pink Glt 46 Red  Glt 47 Raspberry                        Glt 48 Gold  
Glt 49 Red  with Silver Dots Glt 50 Royal    Blue Glt 51Blackened Silver          Glt 53 Deep      Red Glt 54 Purple    With silver Dots
Glt 55 Black  Silver Chrome Glt 56 Bronze   Gold Glt 57  Purple Periwinkle Glt 59 Black  Silver Hologram  


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